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School Readiness Sector Map Survey

The purpose of this survey is to help identify the network of organizations that support pre-K children and their families/caregivers in their school readiness efforts. Survey responses are 100% anonymous and will only be shared in summary format with stakeholders, including attendees of an Every Child Ready Duluth Summit planned for later in March to build components of a strategic plan that will guide the ECRD initiative.

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What is Every Child Ready Duluth all about?

Children can’t get “school-ready” by themselves—they need adults with them every step of the way, starting in infancy. Caregivers aren’t born ready for this task either—they need community support. Through the Every Child Ready Duluth initiative, the library will reach out to community partners to develop a coalition to help bridge the gaps in school readiness in our community, because we know that school-readiness is about a lot more than literacy. Together we will develop a plan to help all families, especially those who are vulnerable and under-resourced, access the resources they need to thrive. We will also support childcare providers with information and resources to strengthen their programs and enrich the children in their care. The ultimate goal is to transform Duluth into a city that is known not only for its love of green spaces and outdoor activities but also for its love and passion for the growth of its children and support for its families.


Expected benefits of Every Child Ready Duluth:

  • Improved school-readiness for children entering kindergarten
  • Improved long-term educational outcomes for children in Duluth
  • Increased number of families have access to resources for basic needs and early learning, starting at home
  • Increased number of library programs and services available outside library walls across the city
  • Increased parent/caregiver knowledge of children’s social/emotional and early learning needs and increased confidence as children’s first and primary teacher
  • Increased educational opportunities for childcare providers and enriched childcare programs


Carmella Hatch, Early Literacy Librarian
(218) 730-4222, chatch@duluthmn.gov

Sue Schumacher, Youth Services & Branch Library Supervisor
(218) 730-4219, sschumacher@duluthmn.gov

Lynn Schwarzkopf, Early Literacy Library Technician
(218)730-4222, lschwarzkopf@duluthmn.gov