Newspaper Index 1893-1929


This is a subject index to articles appearing in the Duluth Herald and the Duluth News-Tribune between 1893 and 1929, or later articles referring to events during that period. The Duluth Public Library has microfilm of these papers. 

Only articles of regional interest are included. The index does not include wire-service stories on national or international subjects, very short articles, or most sports stories.

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About the Index

The original newspaper index was a local Works Progress Administration project from the 1930s and the entries were written on note cards.

The Library has retained this card file and, over the course of two years, the information on the cards was keyed in to this database during many hours of work by Library volunteer Joyce Peterson.

This database contains over 25,000 entries. This online index could never have been completed without Joyce's generous donation of her time and her enthusiasm for the project.